We have been working closely with the guidance of the United States Polo Association, and the Polo Training Foundation designing, updating, and teaching Polo since 2006 and we have a year round program dedicated to the life long student of polo. We have a schooling polo field on the facility which we use during the warm weather months, and for snow polo if the snow conditions are right, we have an indoor arena which we use for rainy weather, winter months, and night polo. We have an outdoor arena, which we use for horse riding skills, and on occasion for beach/sand polo.

Our riders have been as young as 4 and as old as 70+. We have had Executives that have never been on a horse before, to mom’s that want a break while the kids are at school, cross disciple riders that want a team sport on horses, and numerous others.

Youth Riders:
Interscholastic/Intercollege Polo Teams: Hillside Farm has had an Interscholastic youth (aged 10 -18) since 2007. This team has competed against riders from across the nation. We have hosted games at Hillside against, UW-Madison Women’s College Team, University of Michigan, and several Illinois youth teams and Culver Academy from Indiana. The team has traveled to Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas to play Interscholastic Polo.

We are open to supporting more teams, if your school, friends, or college would like a home to learn, play and compete in polo.

Middle School Riders:
We are looking to start a middle school polo team. Kids do not need to be from the same school, simply want to learn polo and live within 100 miles of Hillside Farm (the same rule as our Interscholastic team)

Adult Riders:
We have adult polo leagues for our students. We do weekly lessons and many opportunities to play at various locations over the year. We have played at Madison, northern Illinois as well as various locations and tournaments in Southeast Wisconsin. We host private group lessons for Christmas/Holiday parties, Corporate team building activities, Girl Scouts, Horse groups, Businesses, Pony Clubs, Boy Scouts, family get together, bachelor parties, 4-H groups, Pony Clubs, plus many more.

Our adult riders are invited to travel to play other teams or they may simply play at Hillside. It is up to the individuals schedule, time, and budget.

We also host polo clinics hosted by Margie Paur and by traveling polo clinicians; Justo del Carri, Wilbur O’Ferrall, Tom Goodspeed, Amy Wisehart, Liz Holton, and several others.

We are a welcoming polo school for riders of all levels from no riding experience to Grand Prix show jumpers.